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Episode 21: Longfellow Farm


Here we take a look at what two very busy young women have made in the downtown Kansas City neighborhood of Longfellow. With informed and diligent attention to the resources that the Kansas City area has to offer to urban gardeners and farmers, these two have done wonders to an abandoned city block. An urban farm that is uniting a neighborhood through food, work and community.

Episode 19: Sion’s Schoolyard Garden


We take some time to visit the beautiful schoolyard garden at Kansas City’s Notre Dame de Sion in the Hyde Park neighborhood. This is a quick look at some the busy activities that the garden creates. From food education, to the lunch program and probably more than any of that, to the joy that a schoolyard garden can deliver, for the kids, their families and the teachers too.


Thanks, Laurie and Mike

Episode 14: The Ivanhoe Garden and Farmers’ Market


We visited the thriving Ivanhoe Neighborhood in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. It is a busy place during the garden growing seasons. Spring, Summer and Fall- there is always something going on, in part thanks to the Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City.  With their help and the efforts of the neighbors, Ivanhoe is turning vacant lots into gardens and a parking lot into a weekly market.

Episode 11: Kansas City Community Gardens


With the garden cleared of the Spring plants we now need to collect the starters and seeds for the crops that will be planted for the Summer. So, a trip out to Kansas City Community Gardens is in order.  KCCG is one of only a few gardening organizations in the country with a mission of helping home, community and school gardeners through education, resources and support.  They help people all over town grow food for themselves whether it be in a backyard, vacant lot or schoolyard.  So, join us for a not-so-faraway road trip to pick-up the summer plants.  Here we go!


Episode 6: Metro Luthern Ministry’s Gardens and Orchard

We visit the gardens and orchard of Kansas City’s Metro Luthern Ministry. MLM has for years been focused on helping to meet the needs that poverty brings. From home repairs, to housing, to financial literacy and to, in this case, food and community. MLM has also been instrumental in creating many organizations that help in caring for and building our community.  Harvesters Food Bank is one major example and the other is Kansas City Community Gardens.  Here we discover Metro Luthern Ministry’s pantry garden, a large community garden and the orchard.

Episode 3: Preparing Potatoes

With the arrival of March, it becomes time to start thinking about the plants that can take the cold mornings, nights and heavy rains of early Spring. Lettuce, potatoes and radishes are usually where we start.  So, first off we need to collect some planting potatoes and prepare the “seeds”.  We take a trip to Kansas City’s historic and classic gardening shop, Planters Seed and Spice Company, for the tubers. It is always a pleasure to visit this KC River Market establishment.

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Thanks, Laurie and Mike.


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