The geeky details of how Mike, Laurie and Blue Wall Design slowly produced this series.

Blue Wall Design is a small Kansas City based video production and post-production company. It is so small in fact that it currently has only one employee, me — Mike Snell. Not too long ago as a test to a new camera system I produced a quick holiday video message for my clients. I conscripted my youngest son into preparing a simple fudge in our kitchen. A few months later my wife Laurie came up with the idea to document her garden, well one idea led to another and we are now onto this site. It has been a wonderful opportunity for the two of us to work on a project together.

I try and use the highest quality equipment and software that I can afford in my company. The goal has been to create nice looking and sounding moving pictures centered on simple yet effective storytelling. With Laurie’s help, we hopefully hit that mark on a few of these episodes.

Laurie graduated from the School of Journalism at Mizzou so she was comfortable in front of the camera even though that was a few years back. I am also happy to say she has taken mild direction from me with eagerness and a smile. This entire thing has been quite fun.

Most of this was shot and recorded last year (2015). We are updating things as we release them, but for the most part what you see here is last years garden. It was delicious!

The boring stuff:

I shot almost everything with a Black Magic Design camera though there are some timelapse bits and some other pieces that were recorded with a Canon DSLR and a GoPro. I edit almost exclusively these days in Final Cut Pro X, which is a little different in the KC market but I think it is a wonderful tool. Graphics were created with various 3D (Cinema 4D), 2D and paint applications. That’s enough of that, nobody should care about any of this.

Thank you so much for watching and spending a few moments here.

Mike and Laurie.