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Episode 18: Refrigerator Pickles


The peak of the summer is upon us and the cucumbers are producing more than we can eat. So, why not preserve some for later? A batch of refrigerator pickles will capture summer in a jar. Much less mess and effort than canning but they are called refrigerator pickles for a reason. A simple and quick solution to, too many cucumbers.

Thanks for taking a look.

Laurie and Mike

Episode 17: Potato and Green Bean Salad


With the potatoes that we just recently harvested – and it being summertime, we would like nothing better than a fresh potato salad. First, we have to journey out to the garden to pick some green beans to mix in and then quickly get back to the kitchen. This dish is very simple, very fresh, very delicious and oh so “Summer”.

Episode 9: Quinoa and Radish Salad


We just harvested enough radishes to fill a streetcar and conviently Mothers Day is upon us. With brunch on the way Laurie decided a fresh quinoa radish salad is the right call. A simple and quick to-make dish that is seasonal and healthy.  The silky texture of the grain blended with the soft pepper flavor of the radish and the tart sensation of lemons deliver a complex yet no-non-sense side dish, appropriate for a celebration of everyones’ Mom.

Episode 2: A Wintertime Summer Soup


While still waiting for winter to finally bow-out, Laurie takes the remains of last years harvest out of the freezer to make a spicy tomato soup. At the end of this coming summer planting season, in August, we are going to prepare and freeze fresh tomatoes for this soup.  We use two freezer bags of tomatoes, about 15 in all, a couple of leeks, cayenne, and some dried parsley. Really easy, really quick and it always reminds us of the season change that is just around the corner.

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Thanks, Laurie and Mike

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