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Summer Gardening

Episode 18: Refrigerator Pickles


The peak of the summer is upon us and the cucumbers are producing more than we can eat. So, why not preserve some for later? A batch of refrigerator pickles will capture summer in a jar. Much less mess and effort than canning but they are called refrigerator pickles for a reason. A simple and quick solution to, too many cucumbers.

Thanks for taking a look.

Laurie and Mike

Episode 14: The Ivanhoe Garden and Farmers’ Market


We visited the thriving Ivanhoe Neighborhood in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. It is a busy place during the garden growing seasons. Spring, Summer and Fall- there is always something going on, in part thanks to the Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City.  With their help and the efforts of the neighbors, Ivanhoe is turning vacant lots into gardens and a parking lot into a weekly market.

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