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Episode 3: Preparing Potatoes

With the arrival of March, it becomes time to start thinking about the plants that can take the cold mornings, nights and heavy rains of early Spring. Lettuce, potatoes and radishes are usually where we start.  So, first off we need to collect some planting potatoes and prepare the “seeds”.  We take a trip to Kansas City’s historic and classic gardening shop, Planters Seed and Spice Company, for the tubers. It is always a pleasure to visit this KC River Market establishment.

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Thanks, Laurie and Mike.


Episode 2: A Wintertime Summer Soup


While still waiting for winter to finally bow-out, Laurie takes the remains of last years harvest out of the freezer to make a spicy tomato soup. At the end of this coming summer planting season, in August, we are going to prepare and freeze fresh tomatoes for this soup.  We use two freezer bags of tomatoes, about 15 in all, a couple of leeks, cayenne, and some dried parsley. Really easy, really quick and it always reminds us of the season change that is just around the corner.

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Thanks, Laurie and Mike

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Episode 1: An Introduction

This is an introduction to a gardening video project. We are rooted in the urban center of Kansas City, Missouri and the small plots of dirt here. This video explains what the future episodes will explore and accomplish.  From general information and tips for growing and nurturing small plot gardens, to harvesting and preparing what the efforts deliver — eating the food.  We are also going to explore other gardens in and around the heart of the city. Discovering the joy that gardening brings to all ages, to all people.  This has been a project that has already taken a year.  For the coming growing season — the weeks and months ahead — we will finally be posting the information that we have created in video form.  We truly hope you stay tuned.

Thank you, Laurie and Mike


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